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Columbus named "Future Best City" by Bicycling Magazine

Recently, Bicycling Magazine named Columbus, Ohio one of its “Future Best Cities” in its annual ranking of US cities for bicycle-friendliness. Call it an “honorable mention” or “most improved award,” it’s a good sign that the efforts of our capital city are having some positive effect. From their web site:

What happens when you cross a citywide fitness initiative, Commit to be Fit, with an environmentally friendly “green pact” signed by the mayor? A sudden interest in bikes. Columbus is working on its first bike master plan since 1993, and every indication is that it’s going to be a whopper. Mayor Michael Coleman has already pledged $50 million for bike and pedestrian transportation and has linked the bike plan with the city’s 2012 bicentennial by naming it the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan. 

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