Car Less Ohio

Promoting the bicycling lifestyle in The Buckeye State


This web site and blog is for those dedicated to living and promoting the bicycling lifestyle in The Buckeye State. The name of this site was inspired by the Smoke Free Ohio/Smoke Less Ohio campaigns of the election of 2007.

I am not anti-car; I own a car and rely on it like most people. I know that bicycling is not necessarily for everyone, and I certainly don’t believe that anyone should be forced to ride a bike. I only believe that if we make it easier for those who choose to use the bicycle as a normal, practical means of transportation, then all of us, drivers and non-drivers alike, will benefit.

You can help spread the word by requesting your FREE CarFreeOhio/CarLessOhio stickers!

I started this site with the intention of being a comprehensive resource for any and all things related to cycling in Ohio, but I quickly realized that would be a daunting and never-ending task. So, I now post news about events, rides, and other organizations that I find relevant or interesting, and write stories about my own rides and bike-related stuff that i like. If anybody else finds it interesting, then great; if not, so be it.

I post more frequent links to bike-related news articles on Facebook and Twitter. See the Contact page to send me an e-mail message.

More about me

My name is Kevin. I live in Northeast Ohio, so many of my stories focus on that area, but I try to include information from around the whole state. I enjoy all types of cycling, from fast road riding, racing, and mountain biking, to charity rides, commuting, long-distance touring, and casual rail-trail riding.

I am on the fence when it comes to my political leanings as they relate to cycling. On the one hand, I agree with the vehicular cyclists–most of our current public infrastructure is safe enough if we have consistent education and law enforcement for all road users. On the other hand, I do appreciate the benefits of bike lanes and bike trails–these facilities are the “gateway drug” for young people and other new cyclists.

I work at a local bicycle shop. Although I mention and review products on this site, I’m not trying to make this site another avenue to promote my employer. I manage that shop’s web site and blog.

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