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A perfect storm of tagging

This morning, I did a quick 5-mile ride around a loop consisting of some local neighborhood streets and two local bike/hike trails, the Old Hickory Trail and the Center Valley Trail. The weather was perfect for a nice, long ride, but due to other plans, I had limited time to ride, and got this ride in to continue my participation in the 30 Days of Biking challenge.

A geographically-dispersed group of software developers, known as Automattic, are the people behind the platform known as, which this blog uses. They’ve planned an event, dubbed the Automattic Worldwide WP 5K, encouraging all of their staff to run, walk, or bike at least 5 kilometers today. Other WordPress bloggers and any other interested friends were invited to participate. My ride today qualifies as my contribution to the worldwide effort.

Another promotion started at the beginning of this year, and was aimed at getting bloggers to blog more often. I’ve been trying to participate in “Post-A-Week 2011” and have been successful so far, although some more ambitious bloggers are doing “Post-A-Day 2011.” This post lets me mark off the notch for this week early for a change.