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Inaugural Road Apple Roubaix Ride

The first annual Road Apple Roubaix bike ride was intended to be a gravel bike ride through rural Amish Country in Geauga County. With all of the recent snow, including a few more inches that fell overnight (and during) the ride, it turned into a perfect day to ride my fat bike. The temperatures were mild (mid- to upper-20s) compared to the previous couple of days, so it was a comfortable ride.

Towpath Trail Fat Biking

Conditions were perfect today for riding a fat bike on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Mild temperatures in the 30s and 40s made for crunchy, grippy snow, and foot traffic made most sections packed and fast.

Video: Twinsburg City Park Loop Fat Biking

I ride the Twinsburg City Park Loop when I want to squeeze in a quick ride close to home. It’s good on just about any kind of bike–cyclocross, hybrid, mountain, or in this case, my Salsa Mukluk snow bike.

I started at the corner of Glenwood and Gary drives. The snow in the wooded sections of the Old Hickory Trail was perfect; deep enough to get good traction, but light and fluffy enough to keep a brisk pace, with some previous hiking tracks providing somewhat of a packed base. The paved trail along the Officer Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Parkway was completely un-plowed and un-tracked, which made it virtually impassable, so I had to jump on the road for that part. The Center Valley Park Trail was plowed, which made the going there quick and easy.

I only saw one other person during the ride, a guy on showshoes, who you’ll see briefly in the video.